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With over $1 billion in funded loan volume, more than 5,000 loan originations, and over 50 years of collective private lending experience in the state of Washington- the team at Bellevue Funding continues to serve real estate investors, flippers, builders and developers with residential loans spanning multiple investment strategies for all stages of the market cycle.  Our core value proposition combines local expertise, speed to approval, fast closings, competitive pricing, and custom loan structures tailored for your next real estate opportunity.

Local Expertise.

Drawing from an extensive background originating thousands of loans in Washington State- we evaluate your property on an As-Is Basis and an After-Repair Value with a high degree of speed and confidence.  Real estate investors and builders choose us because time is precious, and you demand to work with professionals who “get it”.  We understand the strategies you execute- from quick flips, to heavy renovations, bridge scenarios, pre-permit acquisition take downs, cottage and DADU building, infill new construction, apartment value-add, and 30-year rental loans.  Just like you, we appreciate the narratives and nuances of each street and neighborhood, and see the dynamic value shifts happening in our high growth region in real time.

Speed to Close.

Whether your next property is found off-market or on the NWMLS- we know that as an investor, builder, wholesaler or broker- you have promised the seller a quick closing that funds exactly like an all-cash offer.  Your ability to close fast separates you from the pack, and allows you to buy properties at greater discounts to market value.  Our speed to close positions us as a trusted capital partner for investors and builders with no appraisal to jeapardize the closing process.

We consistently fund highly-seasoned repeat borrowers who have successfully completed hundreds of projects in a progression of strategies.  At the same time, each month, we count it a privilege to finance first time clients, oftentimes, on their very first project.  From flipping, BRRR, new construction, multifamily value add, or any stacked combination of the above- we fund all experience levels at Bellevue Funding.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can connect you and empower you to achieving your real estate investment goals.

Local Knowledge.

With over 5,000 fundings over 15+ years in the State of Washington, we can make underwriting decisions in hours and customize loan terms per loan request because we know real estate va.

Fast Approvals.

Whether you need to close in 3 weeks or 3 days- you will have a custom term sheet fitting your subject property within hours.  You will not be waiting on a loan committee- we hold a tight team of expert sales professionals who operate as owners.  This gives you immediate certainty that your loan is approved and your deal is secure- with no last minute surprises at closing.

Competitive Loan Terms.

Private lending has undergone significant changes during this prolific real estate cycle that benefit the borrower.  Bellevue Funding blends the best aspects of the emerging global capital markets with the familiar ease of a local private lender.  We pursue competitive pricing and current leverage structures for all market conditions, experience levels, and strategies- backed by decades of Pacific Northwest housing knowledge.

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