Bellevue Funding Provides Real Estate Investment Loans in the State of Washington

Local experience, service speed, and competitive customized loan terms to execute on all your real estate investment opportunities!

What We Do

Loan Programs.

Bridge Loans

Our Bridge Loan is most oftenly used when an real estate investor needs to be equivalent to cash in a competitive situation and thus needs to close in 1-2 weeks!

Fix N Flip

Let us put our experience of funding 1,000s of Fix and Flip deals in the State Washington to work for you. Each Fix and Flip investment opportunity is unique so we customize each loan to each property!

Construction Loan

Bellevue Funding thrives with working with builders and developers in the State of Washington as we do many different type of construction loans that are customized to each strategy being executed! 


This loan program was created when purchasing an existing structure/home on a property that will then need a construction permit from the City in the future to execute the investment strategy.

Multi-Family Loans

This Multi-family loan product is customized to the value add 1 to 2 year strategy which includes up to 100% financing of the renovation of the apartment.

Rental Loans

Our 30 Year Fixed Rental Loan opens up more flexible underwriting options, due to no tax returns necessary and the borrower typically is an Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Approval Process.

Step 1

Call or Email Us

We can answer any initial questions you might have before filling out our Application.

Step 2

Apply Online 

Our easy to fill out Online Application takes about a maximum of about 10 minutes to fill out! 

Step 3

Fast Approval Process

We will review your within 24 hours of receiving your Application and approve your loan within 48 hours.

If you are looking to make CASH offers to close in 10 days or less we recommend Applying and getting approved in advance. We then will provide your offers with Approval ALL CASH Letters to strengthen your offer in the current competitive real estate market!

We look forward to funding your next investment loan transaction!

Draw Request.

As real estate investors we know that draw SPEED is incredibly important process to executing smoothly your investment strategy.

Our no invoice draw request to inspection to wired funds into your account made as simple, easy and FAST as possible is our goal on every draw!

Draw Request Process and FAQs

Local Experience

Our local experience equates to fast decision underwriting that sometimes takes only hours to approve a loan, and send out a Term Sheet that we standby accordingly and move to funding immediately!


Service Speed

We know time is money, and sometimes speed is why our borrowers are able to get a property in a competitive situation. With Bellevue Funding being a direct lender funding all our loans in-house we can close as fast as any lender in the state of Washington.


Competitive Terms

Our loan terms are priced based on experience and leverage and is as competitive as you will find in today's private real estate lending industry!


Investment Goals

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can serve you in executing and achieving your real estate investment goals!

About Us

Bellevue Funding.

With over 50 years collectively in private lending experience in the State of Washington resulting in $1,000,000,000+ of funded real estate loans since 2005, we continue to serve real estate investors, flippers, builders and developers with best practice customized real estate investment loans.

  • Local Experience
  • Service Speed
  • Competitive Terms

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